What Is a Freelancer?

A Freelancer is a person that generally operates from home and offers his/her service to individual clients for a fee. It is another form of self-employment, where the individual is not seeking permanent employment with a single client.   A Freelancer can also be considered as a contractor that includes working outside the home.


What are the benefits of Freelancing?

The main benefits are: independence gain by becoming your own boss; a choice of being able to work from home, or where comfortable; flexible working hours, working part-time, or full time; and an opportunity to generate extra income Freelancing as a side job in addition to your permanent job.


Are there any downsides in becoming a Freelancer?

Depending on your skills and experience, it may take some time to gain clients and build up a decent income; Freelancers do not receive benefits as most employees working for someone; they are also responsible for their own insurance. Another possible downside to being a Freelancer could be isolation caused from working on your own instead of a company with team members.


What are required in becoming a Freelancer on FiWi?

The first step is identifying the talent you have that can be shared with the business community that may require your skill and service, i.e., a graphic designer, content writer, virtual assistant, etc. Next you will need to create a professional seller profile; its is important that you present yourself well highlighting your talents to the community.


What types of work can I do as a Freelancer online?

Freelancers with skills that are in demand stand a good chance of someone seeking them out to do their project. There are a variety of online jobs that Freelancers can bid on, i.e.:

Graphic Designer

Website Design


Content Writer

Marketing / Social Media


Voice over artist

Online Research


Virtual / Personal Assistant

Data Entry



How do the Freelancers get Paid:

Fiwijobs.com gets paid in advance by the employer and prior to the starting of any projects. The money is held in escrow and paid out to Freelancers once projects are completed and signed of by both parties.  


Do I have to pay for your service?

No – at this time there is no charge to be a Freelancer on fiwijobs.com.


Why are there only a few Freelancers and Employers on your site?

FiWijobs.com was recently developed due to the demand for remote opportunities. We are now uniquely positioned to serve the entire island and more; but building up registration will take a little time.

You can help us extend our coverage by referring businesses, or freelancers that may need this service.


What is your vetting criteria for Freelancers?

Our trained Team reviews each applicants profile and if deemed suitable, will arrange an interview for prime applicants. Applicants are made aware that if they don’t work to a high standard, they will be jeopardizing their reputation and the possibility of any future work.


Any of the following may be requested to maintain your account:

  • Proof of qualifications – i.e. certificate, references, work sample, etc.
  • ID Confirmation – i.e. Drivers License, passports, or local Photo identification
  • Must supply at least three references demonstrating experience and character.
  • Signing Fiwijobs.com Code of Conduct and Ethics Agreement
  • Length of working experience in related skills taken into consideration


What happens if Freelancers does a bad job?

Our members are fully aware that they will receive negative feedback from unsatisfied clients if they do a bad job. Plus, their ratings would be poor, which will reduce the number of potential jobs that they would have gain. Often times a bad job comes about from poor communication and unclear expectations. We encourage members to handle all disputes through our dispute center.


Do we have to pay Taxes?

As a Freelancer you may have a responsibility to pay income taxes depending on your location, so it is important you talk to an accountant and ensure that you consider the taxes when setting your fee.


How Do I Get Started on FiWiJobs

The first step is identifying what skill, or talent you are qualified to offer potential clients and then register on fiwijobs.com.


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