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Freelance work is becoming more popular day by day; especially since the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Businesses and Individuals throughout the world are increasingly hiring freelancers to fill in the gaps of their work flow and specified project-based needs. If you are experienced in your trade, have a specialized skill or talent and your goal is to become self-employed, then you should consider freelancing.

Freelancer Features:

Skills Management
in Profile

Freelancers can add multiple skills to their profile so they can be searched as well as invited to projects based on the requirements.

Provider's Financial Dashboard

Freelancers can check their financial information in terms of amount received so far and pending to be received on completed and ongoing projects.


Freelancers can search the projects based on the algorithm set as well as various filters available so that they can either bid on the project or mark them as favorite.

Mark Projects
as Favorite

Freelancers can mark projects as favorites so that they can bid on those projects later on.


Freelancers can place bids on the project they wish to work on by spending their credit points.


The payment between business and freelancers is ruled by an Escrow system. The funds spent by business are held by FiWi Support until the work is performed before it's released to the freelancer.

View Applied

Freelancers can view the list of projects they have placed their bids on to monitor the status and watch the updates.

Search Filters
for Projects

Freelancers can search projects based on various filters like category, sub-category, skills, experience level, budget and featured.


If I’ve made one investment that’s truly paid off, it would be paying for Nextend. Love the services that I get from there.
Julian Gruber
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Are You Interested In:
1. Running Errands: Grocery Shopping, Pickup & Delivery

2. Domestic: House Cleaning, Help Moving, Landscaping, Handyman

3. Events: Photography, Videography, Event Planning, Entertainer (MC), Disk Jockey, Handout Flyers